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    Top 10 Reasons to Rush SAE

    There are many reasons to consider pledging SAE. It was difficult to just mention 10; however, in the interest of space, we narrowed the list to the following:
    1.      Tradition - The Arkansas Alpha-Upsilon chapter of SAE is one of the oldest and largest fraternities on campus.  We are also one of the largest chapters in the whole realm of SAE.  Our fraternity is rich with Southern culture and tradition, and has been on the U of A campus for 120 years, having been founded in 1894. 
    2.      Leadership- Just as our members are the leaders of the U of A campus, our alumni are the leaders of the State of Arkansas.  SAE by far has the most impressive alumni of any fraternity in Arkansas. This includes the current United States Senator, the husband of the other United States Senator, the Arkansas House Majority Leader, three former governors, as well as CEO’s and professionals who have risen to the top of their professions. In line with this tradition of leadership, SAE enjoys a high level of participation in not only fraternity-related activities on campus, but non-fraternity activities as well.
    3.      Connections – College is about gaining practical knowledge to use when one enters the workforce. However, an equal benefit of college if you are an SAE is learning how to network, how to interconnect using a shared SAE heritage. Take a look at the sample of prominent alumni from Arkansas on this website and imagine the connections you will build.
    4.      Academics – Success breeds success. That is a good reason why SAE has consistently been in the top quartile of cumulative grade point averages among all fraternities. It is common to see students who have given only moderate effort to their academics in high school pledge SAE and become serious, hard-working students. They quickly realize that to run on the level of their SAE peers and achieve the success of their alumni brothers, they will have to work harder; and they do.
    5.      Social – While SAE’s work hard, they also have fun. SAE has the premier social calendar on campus.  Some of our biggest functions include Champagne, Catfish Row, Destination Unknown, and Jungle.  If SAE’s academic skills are ever surpassed by another great quality, it is their ability to have a great time.
    6.      Pledge Program – In SAE, the purpose of the pledge program is to teach a pledge how to become a good member, to help ease the transition from high school to college, to appreciate the history and traditions of SAE, to excel academically thanks to three hours each weekday night of monitored study hall and to build a bond of friendship with fellow pledge brothers and members.
    7.      Giving Back – SAE's understand that they are blessed with much and seek to give back. For the last two years, Arkansas SAE’s have traveled to the island nation of Haiti to work on building projects during their Christmas holidays. They volunteer their time in the community and raise money for the Children’s’ Miracle Network and other charities.
    8.      Living Quarters – The SAE house is a stately southern-style fraternity house, recently renovated to rival any campus living facility on the inside, yet built during a time when they still remembered what a fraternity house was supposed to look like on the outside.  Most rooms have their own private bathrooms and many have suites including a living room. Unlike most fraternity houses, the house is fully air-conditioned and very livable. It was not built as the largest house for a reason. Many members prefer to live in the house for only one year and move to their own house to prepare for the increased academic rigors of their junior and senior years, yet they continue to eat their meals at the house. Others prefer to live in the house for all three years. SAE’s arrangement provides this kind of flexibility. 
    9.      Athletics- SAE excels in intramural sports offered through the UofA. This year, SAE won 4-on-4 football, softball (two years in a row), soccer, and tennis.  Intramural opportunities abound at SAE and you can be sure of playing on a competitive team with great friends.
    10. Location- It may sound trivial but in every business you hear “it’s all about location, location, location”. SAE is located on Historic Fraternity Row, between Bud Walton Arena and Razorback Stadium, across the street from the the HPER building, and a close walk to most buildings on campus.  In addition, SAE has one of the best parking capacities on campus which is a tremendous advantage not enjoyed by others.
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